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Everything Your Pet Desires

Everything Your Pet Desires

Everything Your Pet Desires Everything Your Pet Desires

Helpful Tips for Dog and Cat People


Anti-icky-poo is the only pet stain remover we use


Pet Stain Remover & Odor Eliminator  is the USA’s most highly recommended product in its category by veterinarians and other animal care professionals. 

There is no rubbing or scrubbing or mopping up after applying Anti-Icky-Poo. Just Spray and walk away. 

The Ultimate Clean-House Guide for Dog Owners

The Ultimate Clean-House Guide for Dog Owners

Are having a clean home and a dog mutually exclusive? The answer is no—you can absolutely have a clean, fresh home even with a dog or even multiple pets.

If you’re a dog owner already, you may feel like it’s a constant struggle to keep your home clean and your dogs happy simultaneously, but it doesn’t have to be

Anxiety & Stress Relief for Cats

Feliway Diffusers

Feliway products provide “happy messages” to cats and makes them feel comfortable and secure at home. 

By mimicking the natural feline reassuring messages, FELIWAY helps your cat happily adjust to pace of modern life. You can provide calming and comfort at home and help prevent or reduce urine spraying, scratching or hiding.

Natural & Holistic Pet Remedies

Repellent for Fleas & Ticks - Amber Flea & Tick Collars 

When the pet wears the stones on its neck, the friction from their fur will absorb the resinous smell coming from the amber. Resinous aromatic terpenes that are released and absorbed in the animal’s fur repel ticks and fleas.


Potential uses & benefits of CBDs for pets may include:

  • Treating skin conditions
  • Reducing pain & inflammation
  • Supporting skeletal health & healing
  • Promoting a healthy blood sugar balance
  • Treating or minimizing seizures & epilepsy
  • Behavioral modification, anxiety management
  • Improved circulation of blood & oxygen to vital organs
  • Prevention & treatment of degenerative neurological disease
  • Supporting cancer treatment & improving quality of life
  • Reducing motion sickness, nasuea & vomiting
  • Helping with a suppressed appetite
  • Healing & improved well-being

Dog Trainers we use

Giffy Dog Training

Cheryl is  a great trainer who gets results, I hired Cheryl  to help me with my shy and fearful rescue dog. 


The Canine Coach

Offers a large range of dog training services.

Raw pet food

Woody's Pet Food Deli

We’re unlike your typical pet store.  We serve a variety of freshly made, biologically-appropriate, real living food for dogs and cats. We’ve grown from a farmer’s market booth to three stores in the Metro. We are committed to promoting your pet’s optimal health by providing them with the right nutrition. 



All the outdoor wear your dogs  could ever need, products for different thermal temperatures and for dogs of all sizes. You can choose from alternatives ranging from light softshell jackets to very warm quilted jackets. A good dog jacket is also waterproof and breathable.  


Beastie Band cat collars are designed exclusively for cats. Soft and comfortable, the collars stretch along their entire length for safety and are so soft and lightweight that they stay on virtually all cats. Beastie Bands™ unique cut-to-fit feature allows them to fit any cat- from a kitten to the biggest tomcat! We're constantly working to add new exciting designs to fit every cat and owner's purrsonality!