How Cold is too Cold?

Frostbite Injuries – Even short-term exposure to temperatures below zero can lead to frostbite of the feet, nose or ears. In these areas the skin might appear red, gray or whitish and could peel. Prevent frostbite by removing ice and snow from paws and fur right away. Balls of ice can form in the areas…

Cuties of the Month – November 2016

At Whiskers ‘n Paws we love pets! Wanna showcase your pets? Send us an email with your pet’s name and a photo of its adorable mug. That infamous grin will earn them a spot on our FaceBook page and Twitter feed.

Dog Facts

Here’s a few quick facts about man’s best friend.

Gizmoe Needs Surgery

Gizmoe is as sweet as Yorkie as he is cute! He also needs surgery to remove a thyroid gland tumor.

Collar Alternative for Funnel Head

BiteNot collars are the worldwide leading alternative to the Elizabethan collar. They allow complete peripheral vision for your dog and cat. Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, and even sitting on laps can now be done safely and comfortably! Dogs and cats are calmer and happier

Good things to help keep our dogs cool this summer

Pet Cooling Mats utilize a non-toxic gel core to stay 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature without the need for refrigeration. This mat may be used alone, in a pet carrier, or in a pet bed. A Kiddie Pool provides a fun way for your dog to play outside while keeping them cool in the…