Own a piece of art created from Mother Earth


Pet Food / Water Bowls & Plates Dog or Cat Pottery Handmade

Pet Food / Water Bowls & Plates Dog or Cat Pottery Handmade

Whiskers ‘n Paws has partnered with a local artisan to offer you one of a kind dog and cat food bowls and plates. You can purchase them on our web site. To learn more at the artisan read her bio below.

Hi, my name is Marlys Rucker and I have been a potter for 20 years. My first experience with clay was while I was a resident student at a Quaker Retreat Center in Wallingford, PA. I worked with a spiritual director and potter, Sally Palmer. I studied under Sally for 6 months and realized after returning to Minnesota that I somehow needed to incorporate clay into my life. I then took pottery classes at Inver Hills Community College while earning my Associates Degree in Accounting. I was also a part of their pottery adult education class. While I do have a studio in my home, I periodically take classes at Edina Art Center to expand my techniques and be inspired by other potters.

I love working with clay and am constantly surprised by the gifts it offers. It has taught me many lessons that I can incorporate in my daily life for instance; I need to be centered before I can center the clay. Clay has taught me to accept flaws and see that the flaws can actually be the detail that makes a piece special and unique. Clay is forgiving and flexible.

I hope you enjoy your hand built creation. You now own a piece of art created from Mother Earth.


Marlys Rucker – Art and Soul Pottery