A Summer Must Have – Pet Self Cooling Mat


I discovered these cooling mats last summer and my pets love them.

 Needs no refrigeration

No water needed

No electricity needed

Always ready to use

Cools for hours, lasts for years

Automatically recharges itself

Patented Activated Gel

cools on contact

Cools & soothes

Good for Pain, Swelling, aches

Fits in standard beds, crates

Perfect for Cars

Wipes clean                             

Portable, folds easy                   


How it works according to the manufacturer: “A patented gel and chambers along the design are activated by weight or pressure offering a bed that’s cooler than the surrounding ambient temperature for 3-4 hours of constant use. It will automatically start to recharge by a shift in weight or position. After a period of non-use, the pad is supposed to start to recharge immediately. You can speed up the process by soaking it in ice water or placing it in a refrigerator or freezer. Leaving the pad in direct sun, heat or hot air effects the performance.  The pad is cleaned by hand with a clean, damp cloth and should not be machine washed.”