Amber – Mother Nature’s Flea & Tick Preventative



☆ AMBER is a natural time proven flea and tick prevention for dogs and cats. Collars should be made from 100% authentic Raw Baltic amber. Can be used for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, even if they are allergic, pregnant or nursing. Waterproof, odor free and does not affect your pet’s sense of smell.

 DAILY USE. 100% chemical free, non-toxic, no insecticides. Safe for humans and animals, no secondary effects on your pet, family or house.


 1) Amber contains aromatic substance called terpenes. This produces a resinous aroma which derives from the friction between amber and fur. The release of resinous aromatic terpenes is what repels ticks, lice and fleas.

 2) Amber has an electrical resistance. Friction with the animal’s fur produces an electrostatic effect. Your pet doesn’t feel it, but the ticks do. The electric shock works as an effective repellant against them.


I have purchased the collars my pets wear from  or find Amber Collars for sale on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy web sites.