Fruits & Veggies Make Great Dog Treats


Trying trading your processed treats in for fresh fruits & vegetables. They are considered healthy foods for humans, they can also help prolong a dog’s life. Orange, red and yellow fruits and vegetables are best for dogs because they are often nutrient-dense.
Many fruits & vegetables also contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer. But not all fruits and vegetables are healthy for your dog. Here are 10 that are a good choice.

1. Pumpkin – add a few teaspoons to your dog’s daily diet to improve his intestinal health.

2. Oranges – protect against cancer and can keep off viral infections.

3. Sweet potatoes – contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese.

4. Apples – contain a multitude of important vitamins and nutrients.

5. Spinach – ward off inflammatory and cardiovascular problems as well as cancer.

6. Green beans – promote bone health and can improve blood fat levels and protect against oxygen damage.

7. Celery – reputed to reduce nervousness and act as an acid neutralizer.

8. Cantaloupe – promote good eyesight and has major antioxidant powers.

9. Carrots – they nourish the optic nerve and promote good visual health.

10. Broccoli – helps dogs heal when they are under stress or when they are sick.

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